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An informal shop in which people can be, discover and develop themselves. Right in the middle of the “gezellige” city of Groningen.

Searching for dreams while drinking a cup of coffee!

At Inspiration café OSO – which means ‘home’ in Surinam – people can come by for a cup of coffee, a homemade piece of pie, to study/work ánd for inspiration (coaching). It’s a low-threshold place where you can talk about life, work, happiness and thus work-life happiness. In addition to individual study- and career coaching, workshops are given with the ambition to inspire guests to search for their dreams.

Coffee and coaching in a laid back atmosphere: welcome to Inspiratiecafé OSO!

In addition to the food and beverages, the menu provides exercises which you can do by yourself, with your friends or with the staff. There will be workshops and other activities organised regularly, including inspiration workshops, autism cafes, and other workshops including a Big Five for LifeTM Life Safari. Take a look at the schedule for the upcoming events.

Inspiratiecafé OSO is an asset to the city of Groningen, where the unemployment numbers are high and the opportunities for starters are low. And in this time when many people reluctantly go to work, or even suffer from burnouts and bore-outs, we motivate them to do more than work to live: we inspire people to find happiness. The ingredients of work happiness are: being allowed to be yourself, contribute to something valuable, learn new things and simply enjoy what you do.

The combination of coffee  and coaching is new in (the north of) The Netherlands. And is inspired by the book 'The Why Cafe' (John P. Strelecky). Innovation can be found in the way coffee and coaching strengthen and influence each other. For us, coffee is an important input to personal development. The homeliness of our coffee bar offers a casual place in which people can easily be inspired.

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Bekijk de filmpjes en flyers of kom langs voor een kopje koffie,

lekkere huisgemaakte lunch, een gezellig gesprek of meer inspiratie

in het centrum van Groningen


Address: Carolieweg 21, 9711LR Groningen

Phone: 050 204 61 70


Inspiratie: coach@inspiratiecafe-oso,nl

Instagram: @inspiratiecafe_oso

KvK: 61343692


Monday - Friday: coffee        9am - 6pm 

                               flexplek     9am - 8pm

Saturday & Sunday: brunch 10am - 6pm


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